Amazon because they have made a profitable and providing a service people love.

Google Home (gift of Rounded Digital)

Programming: Atom
Design: Platforma

“Good things happen to those who hustle.” – Anais Nin

Efrain Lemus

Project Management

Efrain was born in Honduras where he spent his youth skateboarding through his hometown of Tegucigalpa. He moved to Greeley, Colorado at the age of 15 with his brother and father, where he began to pursue an interest in music. His mother was hesitant towards his musical allure, but quickly changed her tune once she recognized Efrain’s raw ability after hearing him perform a song on piano. He threw himself into his music lessons and garnered special attention from his music professor who urged him to pursue a local competition. After performing “The Revolutionary, No.12 Etude” by Frédéric Chopin on piano, he was awarded the Rising Star Award.

Efrain has always maintained an active lifestyle and driven by his passion for fitness he was inspired to start an ecommerce site to sell work-out equipment and accessories. He saw an advertisement by Rounded Digital about growing an online presence, so he reached out to the company to inquire about an internship. His irrepressible curiosity and intuitive approach to learning allowed him to evolve his digital marketing skills under Kyle’s mentorship. Efrain earned an Analytics Certification from Google and now works on the project management team. He is responsible for assisting in the design of new sites and offers fresh ideas to better improve development. With an absorbing grasp of CSS, Efrain assists the team in scaling out sites and following the design production from the rough draft into eye catching live websites. When he isn’t tuned in to his computer monitor, Efrain is known to whip out some fancy card tricks.