Why Chiropractors Should be Blogging: The SEO Benefits of Blogging

Every chiropractor is on a perpetual quest for new clients. So how can you stand out? The answer is simple: increase your online marketing exposure by blogging. Yes, paid advertising is important. And when paired with a well-conceived SEO blogging initiative, the results can be remarkable.

Chiropractic Online Marketing: Fundamentals

A successful online marketing approach incorporates three things:

  • A well-built, attractive website that’s updated regularly
  • Paid advertising
  • A smart social media presence

Today, let’s focus on the first thing: a well-built, attractive website that’s updated regularly. In addition to comprehensive landing pages that paint a picture of your practice for potential clients, maintaining a blog is essential. When done correctly, blog posts help blast your site to the top of the search result pile.

What Is SEO and Why Should Chiropractors Care About It?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is the art of developing a web page so that it appears high in the list when people do an online search. For example, let’s say you have a chiropractic practice in Springfield, Illinois. When someone pulls up Google, Yahoo!, or Bing on their phone or computer and types in “chiropractor in Springfield, Illinois,” showing up in one of the first few listings would be ideal. SEO efforts are what can get you into those coveted spots.

How important is SEO? When you consider that 91 percent of adults use the Internet to find products and services, search engine optimization should be a vital component of every business marketing plan.

Blogging: The Path to Chiropractic Online Marketing Success

Blogging is a major part of search engine optimization for three reasons.

Algorithm Bots Love It

Firstly, it keeps Google, Yahoo!, and Bing focused on your website. Algorithms — the automated bots that return search results — give preference to frequently updated websites. A chiropractor who posts a new blog article three times a week will almost always rank higher than one who only does it every two months.

It’s More Helpful to Potential Patients

Secondly, the more blogging you do, the more content resides on your site, which increases your chances of hitting on a topic that a potential client may query. For example, let’s circle back to our example chiropractor in Springfield, Illinois. Let’s say she has posts that answer questions like:

  • Can chiropractic care help after a car accident?
  • Is it safe to have chiropractic treatment after surgery?
  • How old must you be to get an adjustment?

Now let’s imagine her competitor only has a static website that’s not updated and doesn’t include a blog. When potential patients hit the search engines and pump these questions into the query box, the doctor with the information will show up in the search and likely win the client. In a nutshell, blogging brings in the patients!

More Opportunity for Link Backs

Thirdly, more content on a website provides more opportunities for other sites to link to it, which also helps move your website up in the search results. If you want to land at the top of search results for chiropractic services in your area, get blogging! Your bottom line will thank you for it.

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