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Search engine optimization fuels SERP rankings. Or, in less technical language, SEO is what scores websites a spot on the first few pages of Google and other search engines. Without it, your digital properties may linger in no man’s land — never to be found.

But you’re busy running a business. Plus, your expertise isn’t digital marketing.

And that’s where we swoop in.

Rounded Digital’s Search Engine Optimization team has been on the job for over a decade. We intimately understand how algorithms work and what businesses and entrepreneurs must do to rocket their online properties to the top of the pack.

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Catapult Your Website to the Top With a Rounded Digital SEO Plan

What can Rounded Digital’s SEO experts do for you?

Competitor Research: Understanding your industry’s digital landscape is essential. What do your competitors’ websites look like? Which ones are more successful and why? How much are they investing in SEO and online marketing? We’ll uncover the answers to these questions and use them to develop the most effective plan for your exact situation.

Keyword Research: The words, phrases, and questions that people type into search engines are called “keywords,” and they’re the bedrock of SEO. Rounded Digital will uncover the best keywords for your business and implement strategies to help you rank for them.

On-Page SEO: Search engine algorithms positively react to certain signals. We ensure that every page on your platform has them.

Mobile Responsiveness: Did you know that Google, the world’s leading search engine, gives SERP preference to websites with responsive structures? It’s true. So what does that mean for businesses? Making sure websites work on all screen sizes is an SEO must, and we know how to get it done quickly.

Technical SEO: In addition to bot-friendly content, SEO also involves technical aspects, like page-loading times and canonicalization. We finely tune every website on which we work and ensure they surpass all technical SEO benchmarks.

Content Creation: Publishing fresh, relevant content regularly is a giant part of every successful search engine optimization campaign. Our team of writers handles everything from topic identification to writing and publishing.

Reporting: Tracking your search engine optimization efforts is just as vital as implementing SEO measures. After all, it’s important to know what’s working, what’s not, what needs tweaking, and what’s performing exactly as hoped. Depending on your needs and budget, we provide weekly and monthly reports that keep you in the loop.

Rounded Digital Gets It All Done Under One Roof

WordPress Website Hosting: The best website in the world won’t perform well or attract new clients if it’s always down or plagued with malware problems. That’s why using a reputable WordPress hosting service is of the utmost importance.

WordPress Website Development: A whopping one in three websites is built on WordPress. Rounded Digital’s WordPress development team handles everything from custom builds to small website redesigns.

Content Writing: Frequently updating the blog on your business website helps the entire site rank better in search engines. But maintaining a blog takes time, effort, and good grammar! Thankfully, our native-English-speaking, college-educated writers are up to the task.

Link Building: Securing backlinks — aka links that point to your website — is a fundamental pillar of SEO. However, not all links are created equal. Unfortunately, poor-quality links can harm your ranking rather than help it, and DIY link builders often run into problems. Partnering with Rounded Digital’s link-building team will remove the burden from your plate, and we’ll get it done right.

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