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Rounded Digital is a trusted one-stop digital marketing shop — with a world-class link building team. Search algorithms prioritize websites with quality links pointing at them, and our SEO wizards understand how to leverage search engine technology to secure the backlinks needed to succeed.

Did you know that websites supported by stables of quality backlinks perform infinitely better in search engines? It’s true. And in today’s market, where 90 percent of people research products and services online, executing a backlink plan could significantly boost your bottom line.

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What Is Link Building and Why Is It So Important?

Link building is a vital part of search engine optimization. Algorithms that rank pages weigh backlinks heavily. The difference between having backlinks and not having them can be as stark as getting traffic and letting your website wither in the digital no man’s land.

The Ideal Back Link Strategy: Lots of Quality

But not any old links will do. Quality matters. In fact, incoming traffic from low-brow platforms can harm your SERP ranking instead of helping it. As such, the ideal link building strategy is to secure as many backlinks, from high-quality websites, as possible.

Caveat Emptor: Link Building Can Be Dangerous if Done Incorrectly

Short-cuts are tempting. But when it comes to link building, they can be downright dangerous. Algorithms include time-sensitive alerts and triggers. They’re also equipped with quality barometers and regularly flag websites suspected of foul play. Since buying links violates Google’s terms of service — and that of most other search engines — a flag can lead to de-indexing, and de-indexing means nobody will be able to find your site through search.

For example, let’s say you launch a new website and immediately buy millions of links pointing to it. An algorithm bot may detect unnatural behavior and flag your site for suspicious activity. If that happens, the site may never recover. Don’t let that happen to you. Instead, partner with a reputable link building service, like Rounded Digital.

Bogus Link Building Tactics To Avoid

If you want to land on the first page of search engine result pages, staying indexed is of the utmost importance. Bad faith link building is the main reason websites are de-indexed. To avoid a similar fate, avoid:

  • Creating elaborate microsite networks on the same server
  • Creating a bot network
  • Cloaking and other unauthorized tactics that exploit security breaches

Rounded Digital Gets It All Done Under One Roof

Partnering with the wrong link building team can prove disastrous. Working with experienced, white-hat experts, like Rounded Digital’s professionals, can mean the difference between success and failure. After all, bottom-of-the-barrel backlinking can result in search banishment!

We build links the right way, via:

  • Guest posting, to secure top-quality backlinks and networking relationships
  • Foundational and contextual in-content links, to please the algorithms
  • Content development and syndication, to get your name out
  • Press releases, to highlight your work

Link building is tough, especially in the early days. But partnering with a trusted digital marketing team speeds up the process. Plus, investing in backlinks early on builds a solid foundation for your online properties, which pays dividends down the line.

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