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One roadblock we often come across with our clients is a lack of written content to use on their site. Our clients are busy running their own business and simply don’t have the time to write content or rather don’t have the proper resources to provide excellent web copy. When it comes to your online presence, your written content is the voice of your brand and your first impression when it comes to converting people from online users to customers. As a professional business, it is essential to have well-written content to give your potential clients confidence in your services.

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SEO friendly content writing services

From an SEO stand-point, your written content is the structure from which search engines crawl your site to understand its content. It takes exceptional knowledge of search engine optimization when approaching content writing for industries and it is crucial to integrate target keywords to make your site visible in organic search. For example, you’re never going to rank for “affordable chiropractors in Denver” if those words never appear on your site. Not only that, but where your keywords are placed within your content are important factors in your ability to rank. There isn’t a magic button that can be clicked to make you rank for a certain search term, it takes a strategic approach to written content development in order for your site to appear for your desired keywords. Our professional content writing services can cover any industry and are written by a skilled writer with expert experience in SEO and web design.

Content Writing Portfolio

SEO Content Writing for Restaurants

When it comes to the restaurant industry, personality and ambiance are crucial to bringing customers in the door before they even have their first bite. Your written content is key to selling your unique branding and setting the tone for the experience your patrons can expect at your establishment. Having a strong voice online and SEO focused content can make you stand out in a competitive market.

Low Country Kitchen is a trendy restaurant in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood and in Steamboat Springs. They’re known for their authentic southern cooking and needed content to reflect the charming and cozy atmosphere their restaurants provide. See an example of our content writing for restaurants below.

Spirit of the South

We’ve curated a team of exceptional chefs and bartenders who share the same desire to bring people satisfaction through a wholesome meal and a stiff drink. Our aim is to serve honest food made from quality ingredients, taking our time with each plate to serve an authentic Southern experience unlike anything else in Colorado. We hold our country roots dear to our heart and serve our patrons with the same hospitality we were raised with.

SEO Content Writing for Chiropractors

Chiropractic care has seen a massive surge in popularity in the last few decades, however many people are still unaware of the benefits of Chiropractic care. It’s necessary to have informative content about the revolutionary techniques and therapies offered by chiropractors in a manner that is easy for users to digest. Most chiropractors we’ve worked with are in private practice and need the extra edge to come out on top of their competitors. Our SEO focused content writing for chiropractors is a strategic choice when it comes to building a voice online.

As a bustling practice in Oregon with two locations, Eve Chiropractic was seeking content writing for new services they were offering. We created engaging content that was medically accurate covering topics like Scoliosis treatment, disc herniation, kinesio taping, electrotherapy, acupuncture, friction gua sha, and whiplash. See an example below of content written for spinal decompression.

Spinal Decompression

The key to combating spinal compression is keeping your back strong and in good health. Back surgery should be the last resort and our chiropractic offices in Portland and Hillsboro offer spinal decompression and spinal traction therapy as a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment approach. Our team treats each patient with an individual care plan suited to their unique case, integrating strengthening work-outs, chiropractic adjustments, and acupuncture. Our clinic also utilizes a state of the art traction unit table for spinal traction therapy that is used to reverse the force of gravity and offer relief to pressure on the compressed spine.

SEO Content Writing for Health & Wellness

Content writing for health and wellness clinics takes a sophisticated approach as it is imperative that your patients have detailed and accurate information when it comes to your service descriptions. It can be an intricate process providing details such as symptoms, treatment options, and care instructions to prepare for a procedure. It’s also necessary to offer information about your clinic’s cutting edge technology as well as offering information about your patient intake process and insurance policy. In addition to this crucial content, it’s important to maintain a key awareness of search engine visibility by providing written copy that carries keywords to help your ranking performance increase.

Revitalize Laser Skincare was seeking content writing services to explain their state of the art approach to skin treatments and laser tattoo removal. See an excerpt below of copy written for Laser Acne Treatment.

Acne Laser Treatment

Acne is caused by a diverse range of problems which can make it difficult to find an over the counter solution. Acne outbreaks are a complication rooting from the hair and skin follicles, therefore acne laser treatment is a revolutionary approach to skin care. Our Denver laser skin treatment center utilizes Quanta Lasers which pulsates heated light deep into your skin’s dermal layer to break up skin congestion. This laser technology stimulates cell growth which can positively impact the appearance of redness, bumps, and texture of the skin. Once the acne has healed, laser treatments can also be utilized to improve acne scarring and skin discoloration.

SEO Content Writing for Technology & Engineering

Engineering and technology firms require a specialized approach to content writing as they offer complex services that need to be conveyed in a simple and direct manner for the layman. It can be difficult to find a balanced site structure to convey all of the necessary information like research, case studies, and scope of work while making your content engaging and SEO friendly. Our expert content writing service allows you the opportunity to discuss your company’s background with our writer to ensure your text copy is accurately reflected so your unique industry approach stands out online.

DireenTech in Colorado Springs was seeking content writing services to inform users about their cutting edge technology and their advancements in the field. They’re innovators in their industry and needed dynamic content that covers the spectrum of services they offer. See an example of SEO content writing for technology and engineering below.

Electronic Hardware Design

DireenTech’s experience in electronic hardware design boasts a spectrum of diverse industry applications. Our Colorado Springs team has developed specific interface control circuitry for systems like the Neurogroove technology, which allows people with quadriplegia and other spinal cord problems to navigate wheelchairs or even a car. In this specific system, our electronic hardware design utilizes accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometer to create an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) to pick up head movement and position, which sends information to the software that allows the user to operate the vehicle.