Oreo cookies

Right now my Alpaca toy named Tina is my favorite, but if I can’t decide I’ll pull all of my toys out from their basket one by one and scatter them across the office.

Sure, I’ll chew on anything. 

I think digging really deep holes in the backyard is a great stress reliever.

It’s a dog eat dog world.


Dog Resources Manager

Berkeley was born in Grants, New Mexico and adopted in Aurora, Colorado. She was an adorable puppy with paws two sizes too big, often convincing the humans for extra treats with her cartoon-like “puppy dog eyes”, peering out from behind bushy eyebrows. She graduated from Rocky Mountain Puppy Training and continued her education by becoming a service dog, registered under the National Service Animal Registry.

Never one to hold her tongue, Berkeley can always be heard speaking her mind, landing her the nickname “Barkeley”.  Her best tricks include shaking with both paws and sitting pretty, she’s still working on catching things in her mouth but making tremendous progress. Often mistaken for a boy due to her magnificent beard, Berkeley thrives on pushing boundaries, like bolting out the front door and making the humans chase her for blocks. She prefers to lick her lips and beg for a taste of the lunches that the rest of the team brought, but will settle for dog food only if it’s sprinkled with turkey flakes.
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Berkeley brings two years of canine experience to the Rounded team (that’s 24 in dog years!) Her duties include clamoring down the staircase early morning to greet the team, then promptly sleeping at their feet, rotating which desk she sits under depending on the day’s itinerary. She ends her day with a long walk around the block with Kyle.