Five Things to Include in Every Blog Post

What makes a blog post good? First, let’s define “good.” As a digital marketing firm, “good,” to us, means “engaging content that satisfies both readers and search engine algorithms.” So let’s countdown the six most important things that meet these criteria and should be included in every blog post.

#1 What Makes a Good Blog Tip: Keywords

Keywords are the scaffolding on which all effective blog posts are shaped. Keywords are the phrases and questions people pump into search engines like Google. For example, a non-meat eater in the mood for Italian food may type, “Italian restaurants with vegetarian meals.” If an Italian restaurant near the vegetarian’s home has a blog post about its vegan menu, our hungry herbivore will likely head there. In this example, “Italian restaurants with vegetarian meals” are the keywords.

#2 What Makes a Good Blog Tip: Social Media Links

Social media is an essential digital marketing component. By adding Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin buttons with every post, you’re increasing your social media footprint, which is good for SEO.

#3 What Makes a Good Blog Tip: Internal Links

5 Things to Include in Every Blog Post - Rounded Digital - 2 (1)Backlinks are an essential SEO component — and so are internal ones. What are internal links? They’re keyword rich hops between web pages on the same domain. For example, in the previous sentence, “keyword rich” is an internal link. Typically, internal links pass between blog posts, landing pages, and pillar content.

#4 What Makes a Good Blog Tip: Call to Action

If your goal is attracting new clients, customers, or patients, include a call to action paragraph at the end of each blog post. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, but it should provide at least one contact option, like a phone number or link to a contact page.

Pro tip: to avoid sifting through piles of spam every morning, don’t put email addresses in calls to action.

#5 What Makes a Good Blog Tip: Interesting Information

Do you waste time reading useless, boring blog posts? Potential clients, customers, and patients don’t either.

Every post doesn’t need to be a Pulitzer contender — nor must it be universally appealing. But it should engage readers who are interested in or curious about the topic at hand. Additionally, avoid droning on about arcane information that’s of little use to the average person. People are busy, and “too much” can be a “turn off.”

Remember to choose topics that people search for, and don’t be afraid to add a dash of personality. But take your grandmother’s advice: stay away from politics and religion! After all, the goal is to grow your business, not shrink it.

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