How impactful are backlinks? What is a website backlink?

What is a backlink? If you asked a bunch of SEO practitioners, they’d probably define them as “one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization” — and they’d be right.

Backlinks: A Definition for Newbie Marketers

What, exactly, is a backlink? In short, they’re hyperlinks that point to a website. For example, if one of our clients included a link in their website’s footer to our site, that link would be considered a backlink for us. As for frequency, the more quality backlinks a site has, the better.

Notice we said “quality backlinks” — because not all backlinks are created equal. Ones originating on spammy sites or content farms do little to nothing. In some instances, they can even hurt your ranking. In days of old, any links worked. But the Internet has come a long way, and quality SEO content writing and backlinks now matter.

Why Are Backlinks Important?

Backlinks are a major component of SEO. Even though search engine platforms keep their algorithms under lock and key, they do acknowledge that quality backlinks are a big part of the equation.

What does that mean, practically? Let’s say you have a website promoting massage therapy services. If you have backlinks that come from other massage sites and reputable health outlets, there’s a better than average chance your website will outperform ones without any links pointing to it.

Types of Backlinks

There are several different types of backlinks. The easiest to create are internal links. These are closed-loop links within your website. Usually, they point from blog posts to pillar content and landing pages on your site.

So-called “foundational links” are another type. They usually sit on other websites that were specifically created to act as backlink providers. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad sites. Instead, foundational link sites are typically news-centric and don’t try to sell anything. In the early days of a given website, these foundational backlinks can provide a nice boost.

High-quality guest posting and interview backlinks from top-shelf websites are worth their weight in gold. As such, finding a service that can broker them is also a wise investment. One quality backlink from a well-trafficked platform can be worth 100 smaller backlinks.

Backlink Actions That May Get You Banned

Sure, nobody can be “banned” from the Internet, but search engines can de-index your website, which is as good as getting expelled. So what backlink tactics can get you kicked off Google and the like?

  • Paying for backlinks without clearly marking them as paid links
  • Hosting a bunch of microsites that point back to your main site on the same server
  • Using bots to create phony backlinks
  • Hiding backlinks with manipulative html markup

If competitors point bad links at your site in an ill-advised attempt to knock you down, you can disavow the problematic actions.

The bottom line is that backlinks are essential, especially for new sites looking to gain ground. However, using shortcuts and cheats could lead to a de-indexing disaster. Partnering with a proven backlink partner is typically the best route to take, especially for new sites that need a boost.

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