I tend to fall in love with companies that have strong visionary leaders, impressive stories of growth and an uncanny ability to withstand the test of time in tech. Having said that, here are a few of my favorites:

– Larry Page & Sergey Brin (Google, Alphabet)
– Elon Musk (Space X, Tesla)
– Jeff Bezos (Amazon)

Websites I tend to frequent the most:

Uncrate (for imagining all the awesome things I can’t afford)
Think with Google (for the latest marketing data, insights and inspiration)

Apps I tend to use the most:

– Amazon (for shopping, for anything, obviously)
– Reddit (for consuming news, media and memes)
– Google Photos (for storing my photos and media)
– Photofox (for making my photos look amazing on the fly)
– Robinhood (for investing in my favorite tech companies)
– Coinbase (for dipping my toes into the crypto game)

  • – Acorns (for investing my spare change)

Between my MacBook Pro and my iPhone, those two machines give me all I need to get through my day at home or at work. I’m also a super big fan of my Google Home(s).

GSuite: Google’s business version of Gmail, Calendar

“Don’t fake it ‘til you make it. Fake it ‘til you become it.”
-Amy Cuddy, Social Psychologist

TEDGlobal, 2012: Your body language may shape who you are

Kyle Dill

CEO & Co-Founder

Kyle was born and raised in Temecula, California. As an ambitious youth Kyle played baseball and football at Great Oak High School, and was elected student body president. After high school he pursued a career in the fire service, graduating from Palomar College Fire Academy in 2010 to further his service as a firefighter and EMT.

In 2012, his hunger for a new challenge moved him to Colorado where he founded Industry Denver, an award winning publication focused around providing an insider’s perspective to the local food and booze scene. Industry Denver grew with rapid popularity following the success of it’s unique, collaborative style events and festivals. Kyle’s work was widely acknowledged and awarded in the media, landing him on Zagat’s coveted 30 under 30 list as a culinary game changer.

Kyle’s insatiable drive for new prospects and his natural knack for entrepreneurship lead him to found Rounded Digital in 2016, forged by a first hand understanding of what it takes to succeed online. As a seasoned digital marketer, his company was curated with a vision for result-driven creativity, achieved through compelling content paired with eye-candy imagery. With an impressive and uncompromising background in digital marketing, Kyle’s acute eye to detail and pioneering approach to web design urges him to continually evolve Rounded Digital with the same lust for innovation that has propelled him all of his life. When he’s not spearheading new projects and leading the Rounded team, Kyle is known for busting out a tune with an admirable set of pipes, always prepared to take the stage at a concert if some unexpected mishap should render the lead singer unable to perform.