Part 1: Account Access

Google My Business

  1. Invite users by email address
  2. Create Account if none exists

Reference: Google MyBusiness

Google Analytics

  1. Invite users by email address (with permissions: Edit, Collaborate, Read & Analyze, Manage Users)
  2. Create Account if none exists

Reference: Google Analytics

Google Search Console

  1. Add Owners to each property by email (users as “owners”)
  2. Create Account if none exists

Reference: Google Search Console

Website Admin

  1. Invite Users by email address (with permissions: Administrative)

Domain Registrar

  1. Do you have any domain names that will need to be redirected?
  2. If so, are any of these fully-launched websites or landing pages that need to be redirected?

Hosting Provider

  1. Where is your website currently hosted?
  2. Acquire username, password, etc.

Email Hosting Provider

  1. How do you currently host your email? Rounded Digital currently does not provide email hosting because in critical moments like nights and weekends, we’re not equipped to provide support. Additionally, best practices would suggest hosting email on a different server than the website so that breakages don’t affect the other.
  2. Instead, we recommend a provider like GSuite by Google. GSuite ($5/user/month): Gmail, Google Drive (docs, sheets, slides, etc.), Google Photos (and more).

Email Marketing

  1. Do you utilize any email marketing platforms for managing a newsletter or mailing list?


  1. Do you utilize any third-party software that can be embedded into your website (such as contact forms, email subscription forms)?

Part 2: Brand Assets

Graphic Assets (.ai, .psd, etc.)

  1. Logo (editable .ai, .psd, etc.)
  2. Patterns, icons, etc.
  3. Ancillary Marketing Materials (menus, trade show materials, presentations, flyers, reports, case studies)

Color Palette

  1. Primary Color
  2. Secondary Color
  3. Light and dark variants

Resources: Material Design Color Tool


  1. Font Sources to use (Google Fonts, Adobe Typekit, or provide your own)
  2. Font Pairings (title, subtitle, body fonts)
  3. Font Files (.otf, .ttf)

Resources: Google Fonts, Adobe Typekit

Visual Media

  1. Images, provided at the highest size and resolution as possible; we’ll optimize them for performance for you
  2. Video, provided at the highest size and resolution as possible; we’ll optimize them for performance for you

Resources: Envato Elements Photos, UnsplashAspect Ratio

Part 3: Content (Text-Based)

Core Content

  1. About
  2. Contact
  3. Call to Actions

Web Kits

For each kit included in our scope of work, you will need to provide content for the (a) “index” page and (b) each “single” page.

For example, RD Bistro has a “menu kit” included in their project. They have a Breakfast Menu, Dinner Menu, and Happy Hour Menu. Their “index” would be the “all Menus” page, with links to each menu. The 3 menus would each be on their own page, each classified as a “singles” page. 

  1. Services Kit
  2. Menu Kit
  3. Team Kit
  4. Careers Kit
  5. Location Kit

Contact Forms

Contact forms are an incredibly important feature of your website. Each submission is trackable, and can inspire greater interaction with your site for the user, and even better organization in your inbox for you and your team. We break our process down step by step:

  1. Actions & Semantics: What do you want the user to do?
    1. Contact you? Contact your team? Contact a department?
    2. Request an Appointment? Request More Information?
    3. Subscribe to Mailing List? Subscribe for Weekly Updates?
    4. Download a Weekly Special? Download an eBook?
    5. Order Catering? Place an Order Online?
    6. Apply for a Job?
  2. Entry Fields: What info do you really need?
    1. Complex forms (more than 6 fields) will commonly yield fewer submissions, but the quality is greater
    2. Minimal forms (1-3 fields) will commonly yield more submissions
    3. Sweet Spot forms (4-5 fields) will commonly yield a mix of high and low quality submissions
  3. Field Types: Make your users type it in manually or use a drop-down of options instead?

We first want to understand what you want your visitor to doFirst, determine what the purpose of the form is for

  1. Name of each field (for each)
  2. List of recipients (for each)
  3. Message sent to submitter (for each)

Part 4: Performance Indicators & Goal Values

Performance Indicators

  1. Determine a set of metrics that would could help determine the value of your marketing channels
  2. Consider your different business offerings, as one service might yield a much greater value to your business than others
  3. Rounded Digital utilizes Google’s method for estimating conversion values

Goal Values

  1. Determine Short-term conversion value
  2. Short-term conversion value (factoring word-of-mouth)

Part 5: Design Preferences & Inspiration

Overall Vibes

  1. Which of the following would describe the vibe you intend to put out there through your web design:
    1. Classic/Clean
    2. Creative/Flashy
    3. Modern/Minimal
    4. Something More?

Websites by Rounded Digital

  1. Which of our websites have you seen to date?
  2. Which of those websites were you drawn to, or attracted to the most?

Websites from Outside Influences

  1. Regardless of industry, are there any websites that have recently caught your eye?
  2. Are there any features of functionalities that you like about them in particular?