7 Great Clean & Modern Websites

Though seemingly simplistic, the phrase “clean and modern” in regards to web design can actually be a topic of contention. There’s no universally agreed upon definition for a  “clean and modern” site, nor is there one example that every individual will agree represents these tone words.

We’re not pretending to create the definitive list on the topic, but these are 7 sites that we here at Rounded deem to be well-made, clean, and modern. As you’ll see, many of these sites look quite different from one another. Depending on the branding, some sites are more colorful and bold, some more tame, and some more image-focused. However, in each case, the content is easily digestible and the user-interface is carefully tailored to combat the feeling of busy or overcrowded.

1. Matchmade

Matchmade is a company that connects businesses and marketers to “influencers,” aka people with a significant social following or public influence. Their site is colorful and utilizes some really well-done, consistent icons and graphic design elements throughout. Even though these icons and the pallet overall may be fun and bold, the content is really easily digestible, the navigation is intuitive, and the user easily absorbs the purpose of the site.

2. Duracell Energy Bank

This site utilizes imagery heavily throughout to promote the product. Notice the careful image selection and how each photo compliments the site’s color pallet. Furthermore, generous white space (or space without any content) help make the site feel clean and not crowded or busy.

3. Measured Architecture

Measured is a Vancouver based architectural design firm. This is another site that uses imagery heavily, and even creates some unique alignments of their photos. Notice the way some of the content is surrounded by photos (above and to one side or the other), yet the content is still easy to read.

4. Sproutsend

Sproutsend is a service for marketers that automates emails and SMS messages. Like Matchmade, this site uses some really cool custom flat-design elements. It also features animations to illustrate their product and how it is used. Notice the way that content and imagery/animation is split side to side on laptop/desktop screens. Despite the bold animations on the homepage, the generous whitespace and the way the content is split up makes the copy easy to read and digest.

5. Guarantee Construction Group

Guarantee Construction Group is a Denver based roofing and stucco company. Their site uses eye-catching video on the homepage without being overly invasive, as well as elegant animations. If the user chooses to, he or she can click in and view the full promotional video, but it’s not forced upon them. The site also uses generous whitespace (noticing a pattern here?) and a modern navigation system to easily allow users to get to any page without having to take up too much screen real estate. Also notice the modern page transition when navigating to different pages throughout the site.

6. Van Cleef and Arpels

This is another image-driven site used to promote a collection of watches. Notice the subtle background gradients and bold buttons / calls to action. The images fading in as the users scroll also serve to create a more interactive, modern user experience.

7. St. Phillips Homes

This real estate development company has a really clean, simple site that’s still eye catching and engaging. Notice how the shadows on certain images create the illusion of 3 dimensionality, and how the content fades in as the user scrolls down. The navigation is minimal and simple, and the calls to action are bold and easily recognized.

That wraps up our list. Despite significant variation amongst these sites, we feel they all represent a clean and modern feel. If you’d like to discuss how your business could transition to a more clean and modern digital presence, feel free to give us a call!