Funky and Fashionable Websites

The newest era of web design is upon us, and we have wind in our sails here at Rounded Digital. Custom websites adapted to exact specifications of a client’s business is what we do. But, we are also constantly hunting for the newest, sleekest web designs on the market. When we are particularly inspired, we take note and reimagine pieces for our own use. Some of these sites are “out there” and funky just for the sake of being funky. However, there are aspects of these crazy designs that draw users in and create an amazing experience. Captivating website design can influence a user to stay on the site and digest more content. The sites provided here are a peek into what’s capable in the development world and creating an immersive user experience. Click the links below!


This website has a funky header that turns into new pictures as you scroll. The pictures are interactive and move with the mouse. It is an easy site to look and the page transitions keep users on the site longer than they normally would be.

  1. Climate

This media studio has found a way for users to effortlessly view their content. This endless scroll is definitely funky and different, but it’s a great example of grabbing a user’s attention

  1. Brand Studio

This site is funky! It is extremely interactive and different, I spent far too long clicking on things just to see what would happen. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend firearms being a part of your brand (unless of course, you own a gun store), but obviously, they are going for edgy. Altogether, the interaction of the website is fascinating.

  1. BryBry

This website is a great example of funky navigation. Navigation doesn’t always have to just be a simple bar.

  1. Summer Gucci Campaign

This website is funky and fashionable. The use of images and animations keep you involved and scrolling. It is also spiced up with a lot of color and design.

  1. Spicy No Spicy

This is a great website that is structurally sound and also brings a little flare. The mouse is a tomato, the animations are fresh, and backgrounds are laced together beautifully.

  1. Citrix

This site has beautiful transitions and it is very interactive. Displaying the product in this way makes the user feel up close and involved.

  1. You Matter

This is a brilliant website that forces the user to interact with the brand.