What To Say To Get the Clicks: Seven Sales Copywriting Tips

You need tips for composing business blog posts. Specifically, you’re searching for sales phrases to use in your web copy.

Thankfully, you’ve landed in the right spot — because today, we’re looking at seven sales copywriting tips.

So let’s look at seven effective phrases salespeople have used for years. Incorporating them into your web copy could give you the boost you want.

ABC: “Always Be Closing”

Before we dive into the phrases, let’s review the importance of leveraging moving and encouraging language in your digital marketing content.

Have you ever seen the movie “Glengarry Glen Ross”? It’s a great film with an iconic scene where a young, slick Alec Baldwin gives a spirited speech to a room of bedraggled salesmen, advising them to “always be closing.”

When it comes to web copy, you should heed the same advice. Every word should count, and the ultimate goal is convincing readers to take the desired action — whether that’s booking an appointment or buying a product.

To that end, today, we’re looking at seven tried-and-tested sales phrases to incorporate into web content. So if your goal is digital traffic conversion, pull up a seat and get ready to make a few notes.

Seven Sales Phrases To Use in Your Web Copy

We’ll be blunt: Writing good sales copy involves linguistic and psychological manipulation — all marketing does. Appealing to the emotions of potential customers, clients, patients, or patrons is the key to composing effective copy.

How is it done?

For starters, a lot depends on your target market. After all, what works for vegan moms from central California isn’t the same as what tugs at the heartstrings of rodeo clowns from Bandera, Texas — the “Cowboy Capital of the World.”

That said, specific phrases and communication approaches tend to be macro-cultural and work on most demographic niches.

I’m Unsure If It’s For You, However…

Respect goes a long way when it comes to like — and sales. Customers like to feel courted, and there is a thin line between hard sales and effective ones.

One way to keep potential buyers in their comfort zone is by using phrases like, “I’m unsure if it’s for you, however [insert statement].” This phrasing is rooted in humility and suggests to the sales target that they’re still in control.

It’s the job of salespeople to keep individuals comfortable. In many cases, that means not being overly aggressive. Not only is it important to do in person — but also on the page.

Keep an Open Mind…

Everyone thinks they have an open mind, and that’s true to some degree. When we’re considering buying something we want, we’re more likely to come up with reasons why it’s a good idea.

Ultimately, we all want to make our lives easier by finding the perfect product or service. By encouraging people to keep an open mind, in a way, you’re giving them permission to say “yes,” or comply with your calls to action.

This phrase can also backfire when used in an accusatory manner, though. So be careful how you deploy it.

Just Imagine How…

Salespeople need to paint pictures for potential buyers. One of the most effective ways to do that is by using the phrase “just imagine how.”

After you say those words, use words to craft an ideal image or dream. For example, describe the scenery using all five senses if you’re selling vacations. If you’re a chiropractor searching for new clients, encouraging readers to imagine themselves with less pain and better mobility may help get a few new patients into the clinic.

If I…Will You?

Haggling is encoded in our DNA. We love to negotiate deals and talk merchants down from a price. Basically, humans crave deals!

That’s where the “if I…will you” construction comes into play.

When potential buyers and clients believe you’re making a sacrifice for them, they’re more likely to warm up and consider making a deal. By using the “if I…will you” framing, you’re developing a repartee and signaling that you’re willing to work around their needs.

Before You Make Your Mind Up…

“Before you make your mind up” is another sales phrase that can work wonders. It permits people to reconsider, and it leaves the door of possibility open a smidge.

Moreover, stating something this way subtly implies that the person is in a position of status and the ultimate decision-maker. That may sound a bit manipulative, but it works on many people.

Just One More Thing…

Frank Columbo, one of the best television detectives of all time, used it to catch unassuming suspects off guard. You, too, can use it to entice potential clients and customers with one last fact or thought that might get them to pull the proverbial trigger.

What’s the phrase of which we speak? It’s “just one more thing.”

Before signing off, add one more incentive toward the bottom of your sales copy. Try to ensure you don’t sound like a late-night infomercial. But then again, those late-night infomercials have been known to make companies a whole lot of money.

Let’s Talk When You Have a Minute…

“Let’s talk” is much less aggressive than “call us immediately if you don’t want to lose your shorts!”

Your potential customers did not just get off a rocket ship from Mars. The mere act of maintaining a website signals that you’re open for business. As such, there’s little need for the hard sell online.

People know what they want and need. So instead of pressuring folks to contact you immediately, let them know you’re available to chat on their time.

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